Ca’ Stanga is ideal for families with children who like to relax in a house similar to their own.

In the farm there is only one flat, so, there aren’t neighbors. That means that there aren’t time of silence and that children can make noise at any time.

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  • Kitchen with  DISHWASHER , to prepare meals when you want. High chairs , children napkins and kitchen linen. Free Breakfast for each guest in a bar pastry.
  • WASHING MACHINE , drying rack, iron and ironing board ( so you can travell with less luggage)
  • Cots, banks, changing table, linens and towels
  • Outside amenities :   games,  table and chairs. bycicles and helmets for  children
  • BABY SITTING to pay
  • Partnership with CENTRO BENESSERE SPA (also children can go here )

And you have to remember that, near the farmhouse, there are our animals : cats, dogs, donkeys, geese, chickens and ducks.

vacanza con bambini
vacanza con bambini

Dove Dormire in Valsamoggia (tra Bologna e Modena) – Camere – Room